My Cameras and equipment…

I don’t want to bore people with the full details but the basics are

Canon professional cameras (I always have at least 2 with me)
Canon professional lenses (My favourite is my 50mm 1.2)
Canon professional flash units
Pocket wizard flash triggers
Sandisk CF Cards (Lots and lots)
Batteries (Again, lots and lots)
Flash stands, softboxes and reflectors

and when I’ve taken the images…

Mac computers
Photoshop / Lightroom
Backup drives (Plenty, I backup to 3 separate locations, 1 of them is off site backup, so your images are as safe as I can make them)

There is lot’s of other stuff too… bags, studio lights, backgrounds, stands, printers, speakers (you got to have music right?) etc… but as I said I don’t want to bore people.

T W E E E E T s
F a c e b o o k
A r e a s