Silverstone Formula 1 Grand Prix 2012

So for my birthday my lovely wife bought me tickets to go to the Grand Prix at Silverstone this year… To say I’ve been looking forward to it is a bit of an understatement…

Obviously I took my camera in the hope of getting a few good shots.

We got ourselves a great position at Club Corner right at the bottom of the pit straight so we could see most of Club and most of the pit straight and the podium.

I did a few test shots with the GP3, GP2 and Porsche support races and then managed to catch the 400 mile an hour red arrows a few times and then it was time to ¬†get stuck in to the action for the F1. The race was amazing I even managed to catch Senna going on a litre spin on Lap 14, Webber did a great job to bring in the win… and although I’m not a fan of Alonso he did deserve 2nd and Vettel was great as always. The brits had a tough day which was a real shame. I love Mclaren and Lewis and Jenson so it was a shame they could only make 8th and 10th… although 18th to 10th is a pretty job effort from Button.

I hope you enjoy the shots, I know I had the best day shooting them…

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