Wedding Cake Inspiration

I LOVE reading wedding blogs, I love going through the photographs and being inspired by other people’s wedding days, so I decided to write a series of blog posts based on several areas of the wedding day, the cake, the dress, the bridesmaids, the grooms, the flowers, the shoes and the styling of the day.

All the photographs in this series come from weddings we have shot over the last two years. Our couples never fail to inspire us, I hope they inspire you too!

So we start with Wedding Cake Inspiration…

Traditional Cakes

We start with a traditional cake, white with ribbon and decorations to match in with your decor, you just can’t go wrong! Here are a few of our more traditional cakes. Simple and stunning.



Wedding Cakes with flowers

Some of our favourite cakes are the traditional cake with added flowers, either fresh or made from icing.  We have seen some really beautiful wedding cakes.



 Keep calm and eat a cupcake




Cupcakes have been a massive trend for a while now, they are fun and we love the idea of individual cakes for each guest.




A little bit different

These cakes were just a little bit different, whether it was a surfing bride and groom, butterflies or Maltesers.  Or football cakes for opposing football fans or gold birds, or a luxuriant cake full of icing flowers.  We love these cakes!



We get down to our two favourite cakes of the year…


The Birdhouse


This cake is so quirky and different, its absolutely beautiful and we LOVED it.



The Cheese Cake


Cheese? Cake?  Ohh yes…

This was our absolute favourite wedding cake. Ever.




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Kerry - What a great selection of cakes!! I especially like the Birdhouse! (But i’m a little bias as my husband made it!!) He’ll be thrilled to see this!

sam - Kerry, he’s a very talented man!!!

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